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Surroundings Lazise

History Of Lazise

The small town is situated in the widest point of the Lake and it is almost completely surrounded by medieval walls and has a particular atmosphere. The historic old town centre can be reached via gates. During the Venetian Empire, Lazise was an important trading place. Today you can admire alongside modern yachts in the harbour right in the middle of town. The Lazise territory includes the coastal area of the lakeside and a vast internal area made up of morainic hills that gently slope towards the lake, among olive grooves and vineyards dotted with rows of cypresses.


Throughout the tourist season, Lazise and the neighboring countries are rich in events: music concerts, shows, markets, numerous oil food and wine fairs, honey, wine etc. The area permits one not only to practice the traditional lake sports, but also to take leisurely walks, to make excursions by bicycle and on horseback along panoramic paths with gentle slopes. The olive tree, cultivated on crags and side terraces, dominates the view of the hinterland of the coastal area of the lakeside. Olive trees and vineyards are intensively cultivated in the surrounding lands where many appreciated wine and oil farms are located.

Amusement Parks, Water, Thermal

All the more famous Parks are truly at hand: i strolled Gardaland and Medieval Times Parks, the Zoo Safari Park Natura Viva, a theme park Movieland Studios, Parks Water Caneva World Water Paradise, Riovalli and Cavour, and the Nature Park Sigurta '. Also near the Thermal Park Villa dei Cedri Cola '.

Garda Lake

Breathtaking views, enticing towns, dreamy sunsets. And again, genuine flavors, friendliness', fun and relaxation. This and Lake Garda. Sirmione, Garda, Bardolino, Malcesine, Desenzano, are just some of the places most beautiful and unmissable, along with Lazise. Discovering the Benaco you can even go by boat, using themany services that connect Lazise with the most suggestive of the Lake..